At Candymaxx, we only accept the following payment methods for order confirmation:

Online Banking
Select the payment method for Online Banking.
Under FPX Payment, select the bank of your choice.
Select I agree the Terms and Conditions.
Select Proceed.
Log in to your Online Banking account.
Make sure the amount is correct and request for TAC.
Fill in TAC and proceed with the payment.
Cash Deposit
Select the payment method for Check/Money Order.
After you have completed the transfer for your orders through Cash Deposit or ATM Transfer, kindly send us the receipt through Whatsapp or Livechat.
Once we received your receipt, we will proceed with posting out your orders with the courier.
Credit Card
Select the payment method billplz.
Fill in required details.
Select Pay Now
All customer are strongly advised to keep their deposit slips to avoid any unnecessary dispute in the future.
Any other payment method other than the above is not acceptable. All orders can be only be confirmed once such payment has been successfully made.
Cash On Delivery
Contact our customer service for Cash on Delivery services to have more future details.
If you wish to use other payment methods please contact our customer service through WhatsApp or Livechat for further details.