Spanich candy

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Spinach Candy is the fourth generation of the upgraded version of Hamer. This product breaks the traditional process, all raw materials are plant technology extracts. After eating, it is very good to regulate and repair the kidney function. It has a very good effect on the husband and wife, the urinary urgency, premature ejaculation and impotence.

Ingredient of Spinach Candy:Cynomorium, Brown sugar, Coffee, Malt, Ginseng, Purple maca powder etc.

Applicable people: Nervous, Stressful, Husband and wife life are not coordinated, Poor energy, Fatigue etc.

How to use it: Naturally melt in the mouth. For first time who take it after lunch in the afternoon, must eat half a grain at the beginning. If you feel no headache or muscle aches on the next day after taking it, eat another half in the afternoon. After eat 1 candy every 3-4 days. If you have headaches and muscle soreness, stop using them immediately. After the symptoms disappear, take them again. *Do not drink alcohol and tea within 4 hours after taking it.